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All ToneCandy Pedals Are Made In America We are proud to be part of the American made boutique market. ToneCandy pedals are not mass-produced. All of our pedals are hand crafted one at a time in America with top quality parts. We also gig test our pedals for months before offering them to the public to make sure that they work as well at a gig as they do in the music store.
ToneCandy Signature Pedals
ToneCandy Spring Fever Reverb
ToneCandy Spring Fever Reverb Pedal
Price: $244.95
ToneCandy Sugar Rush Overdrive
ToneCandy Sugar Rush Overdrive
Price: $199.95
ToneCandy Red Hot
ToneCandy Red Hot Pedal
Price: $199.95

ToneCandy ToneCandy Spring Fever Reverb Pedal

We hope you will love this pedal as much as we do. It is one of the most lush and warm reverb pedals available. The ToneCandy Spring Fever Reverb Pedal is reminiscent of a vintage tube, long spring reverb unit with three easy to use controls. It has 4 analog amplifers. One for the dry guitar signal, two in front of the spring module to warm it up, and an analog amplifier on the output to warm it up again.
  • Volume - This is a transparent line boost that can give more gain if desired that works well as an end of a chain boost.
  • Reverb - It works like a dwell control that puts more signal to the spring simulator
  • Mix - Mixes the wet and dry signal
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The Spring Fever Pedal is hand made in the USA using top quality parts like all ToneCandy pedals.

Priced at $244.95

1 - First Part is with the pedal off with a dry guitar signal
2 - Second Part is The Volume Control at 9 o'clock using Mix and Reverb controls at 10 oclock
3 - Third Part is the Reverb control turned up to almost 3 o'clock - Performed by Bill Decker

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ToneCandy Red Hot ToneCandy Red Hot Overdrive and Distortion Pedal
This pedal sounds like a pushed stack of vintage Marshall Plexi amps on 11. It produces a fat saturated highly overdriven Maximum Boost singing tone, even at lower volume levels. You can sustain those notes forever and it is just great for harmonics. It sounds the same at gig volume as it does in a small room at low volume without losing any bottom.

Priced at $199.95.
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5 Star Review in Premier Guitar

Buy if...
rock and roll is the name of your game.
Skip if...
you think Greg Ginn is the first and last name in tone.

Rating... 5.0

The Final Mojo
Each of the ToneCandy’s pedals is made of the finest parts available. Mike Marino is a passionate player and road tests his prototypes on stage for months prior to finalizing his designs, and I think this technology-meetsreal- world approach gives ToneCandy pedals an edge in a somewhat glutted market.

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ToneCandy Red Hot Pedal with all controls at 11:45 o'clock through a Fender hot rod deluxe III. This is the midpoint of the pedal. You can see how it cleans up when Simona uses her guitar volume control. You can also hear the difference in distortion with her picking dynamics at 2:40 on this video. Performed by Simona Malandrino from Italy.

ToneCandy Red Hot Pedal set at high gain through a stock Fender Deluxe Reverb amp performed by Bill Decker.

ToneCandy ToneCandy Sugar Rush Overdrive

The Sugar Rush is similar to the Red Hot tone only much cleaner, and more headroom. It is a clean-to-medium high overdrive pedal. It produces slight early breakup with more clean headroom, to a smooth medium gain distortion. It is transparent with a touch of mid-lows and a plexi feel.

Priced at $199.95

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ToneCandy Sugar Rush Overdrive Pedal with OD control set at 3:00 PM and played with a humbucker in the bridge position with a clean Fender Deluxe Reverb amp. Performed by Mike Marino.

ToneCandy Sugar Rush Overdrive Pedal set for clean to early breakup with OD control set at 8:30 AM and played with a Fender Stratocaster with a clean amp. The first chords played are with the pedal off. Performed by Bill Decker.